C’ville Humane Society Looks for Help for Animals in Need

(Caruthersville, MO)  The Caruthersville Humane Society has been hit hard by evictions and people moving and leaving their pets behind, people who are strapped for funds, and rising supply costs and are asking for the public’s assistance.

“We have taken in several animals as a result of evictions, or people moving to beat an eviction and leaving their pets behind,”  CHS Director Karol Wilcox said, “It has hit as at an extremely rough time with our costs rising and so much need in the area for food and medical assistance.”

The Humane Society says that their ‘Helping Hands’ Food Pantry that serves people in temporary need of food for their pets is empty.  “We have seen such an increase in requests, and a decrease in donations, that we are having to turn away requests for help in the region,”  Wilcox said, “Sometimes we are able to purchase some quickly for an emergency, but our normal food pantry is now bare.”

Wilcox also says that the shelter has seen an explosion of animals from evictions, people who are homeless, or people that have moved off and left their animals behind.  “We are crowded and animals are moving slow,” Wilcox said, “We have some great dogs that need homes and are waiving our adoption fees to qualified adopters for dogs through the end of the year.”  Until then, Wilcox says that the shelter is also low on food and animal supplies.

“We have set up ‘Thankful Paws’ through the end of the year,”  Wilcox said, “Thankful Paws is a request for food for the shelter and other animals, supplies and donations,” Wilcox said, “We could use any help from donations of cash and supplies to dog beds and blankets.  The weather is turning colder and the animals at the shelter can use blankets.

The shelter is requesting donations of new or gently used towels and blankets, Purina dry dog/cat/puppy/kitten food, wet pedigree puppy or adult food, wet pate cat food, any brand of food for the food pantry, toys, treats, bleach, Lysol, paper towels, leashes, collars, and new or gently used stuffed animals.

Wilcox says items can be dropped off at the shelter at 500 E. Industrial Dr., Caruthersville Monday through Friday, shipped to the shelter, or arrangements can possibly be made for pick-up by calling the shelter at (573) 333-9977.  Cash donations can be mailed to P.O. Box 1139, Caruthersville, MO  63830.

Caruthersville Humane Society is a non-profit 501 c(3) charity.  All donations are tax deductible.  If anyone has questions, they can call the shelter at (573) 333-9977.