Caruthersville City Council meeting August 6, 2018


Caruthersville City Council met at the regular time Monday, August 6th at 5pm.

1:45 Proposed budget amendment.

4:20 Letters and Petitions.

5:10 Police Report.

6:05 Fire Report.

8:30 Street and Sanitation Report. Nothing to report

8:40 Code Enforcement Report.

10:55 Water & Sewer Report.

23:58 Parks and Recreation Report.

25:05 Library Report.

26:35 Budget Report.

35:10 Insurance Report.

38:05 Economic Chair Jana Merideth gave a report.

42:00 Councilperson Bullington asked if the proposed sales tax would be applied to utility bills. Councilor Dorroh answered no it would not.

42:50 Meeting adjourned.