Caruthersville City Council meeting March 5

Caruthersville City Council met for the regular meeting on March 5th at 5 pm.
 2:10 mark Councilperson Merideth mentioned he spoke with Johnny Copeland from Dyersburg about helping with the coyote problem on the south end of town.
6:20 Mayor gives his report.
7:50 mayor asks Earl Bullington to speak on the FEMA Park property. The city has received a purchase option with a condition. Cedric the Entertainer is wanting to buy this property and put in a subdivision.
15:50 Police Report: Council approved the hire of Shane Wiseman to the Police Department.
17:25 Councilperson Hood gave the animal shelter report.
19:20 Fire Report
20:30 Fire Chief Charlie Jones asked the council for approval of signs for the public emergency shelters. These signs will notify the public of when the shelters are open.
26:10 Street & Sanitation Report
26:40 Code Enforcement Report: Update given on the Churchill property.
29:50 Parks & Recreation Report
31:00 Library Report
31:40 Water & Sewer Report
32:30 Insurance Report
33:40 New Business: Councilperson Cartee announced Paul Shaw was elected Regional 7 District Rural Water Association.
34:40 Council goes into closed session and adjourned shortly after.