C’ville City Council meeting Feb. 5

Caruthersville City Council met in regular session on February 5th.
  • 2:40 Mayor gave his report.
  • 3:45 Discussion on how much to spend on a car for the airport.
  • 12:00 Discussion begins on the drainage problem from East 19th to East 20th.
  • 38:15 Police Report. Council approved the hire of a new police officer Benjamin Gilkey.
  • 40:25 Fire Report
  • 42:40 Street & Sanitation Report. Nothing to report.
  • 42:45 Code Enforcement Report.
  •  44:35 Councilperson Cartee asked Code Enforcement officer Sonya Fuller if she was only focusing on residential properties. Cartee asked if Fuller noticed Churchill’s property on the levee side of highway 84 had a Cadillac with no tires. Fuller replied that “With Churchill’s I was instructed to leave them alone”. Councilperson’s Cartee and Duckworth asked at the same time who instructed Fuller to do this. Fuller said she would rather not say. Cartee asked Fuller if it was the city councilor that instructed her, she said no.
  • 46:40 Cemetery board had nothing to report.
  • 46:50 Parks & Recreation had nothing to report.
  • 46:53 Code Enforcement Officer Sonya Fuller added that it was not the mayor who told her to leave Churchill alone.
  • 47:10 Budget Report. Councilperson JJ Bullington gave her concerns over the city finances. Council approved for city accountant Doug McDowell to review the reports.
  • 1:03:55 Library Report.
  • 1:05:00 Water & Sewer Report.
  • 1:06:55 Insurance Committee Report.
  • 1:07:40 Call for business from the floor.
  • 1:07:50 John Bailey asked about the flags at the Veteran’s park. They are tattered and worn.
  • 1:08:40 Jerry Harmon brought up concerns about the coyote’s and who to contact to get help with the problem. Harmon is concerned someone is going to get hurt.
  • 1:10:35 Councilperson Bullington wanted to add to concerns over the city finances. The Rec Center’s admissions are down from last year.
  • 1:11:25 Councilperson Bullington then asked about progress of the audio and video that was discussed at the last meeting. Mayor said city is looking to possibly use the Municipal Court building to hold the council meetings because a lot of the equipment is already set up in that building.
  • 1:12:50 Councilperson Cartee made a motion to enter into closed session.
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 20th at 5 pm.